CSTE  Celebrates its 37th Year as a UBC Research Centre in the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Welcome to the  Centre for the Study of Teacher Education website. The Centre promotes and supports the systematic study of issues and practices in the field of teacher education. We welcome any comments that you might have or any requests for further information. We would also welcome any suggestions regarding links to other sites examining the field of teacher education. Please click here to contact us.


Members:CSTE Logo 2

Dr. Anthony Clarke (Co-Director)

Dr. Anne Phelan (Co-Director)

Dr. Lisa Loutzenheiser 


Associate Members:

Dr. Andrea Webb 

Mr. Rodrigo Santos


Affiliated Members:

Dr. John Loughran (Monash University)

Dr. Wendy Nielsen (Wollongong University)

Dr. Garry Hoban (Wollongong University)

Dr. Valerie Triggs (University of Regina)

Dr. Melanie Janzen (University of Manitoba)

Dr. Juanjo Mena-Marcos (University of Salamanca)

Dr. Chatree Faikhamta (Kasetsart University)

Dr. Fu Guopeng (East China Normal University)


Advisory Board Members:

Alison Davies (BCTF)

Wendy Carr (TEO)

Steve Cardwell (EELP)

Gaalen Erickson (Emeritus)

Anne Hales (BCTF)

Margaret Early (LLED)