missionThere have been different aims and activities undertaken by the Centre based on resources and personnel available. At the current time, these are:

  • to increase the Faculty’s research and development activities in the area of teacher education;
  • to develop programmatic research into specific areas of teacher education so as to provide a focus and purpose to the research interests of individual faculty members, graduate students, and teachers/administrators in field settings;
  • to provide a forum for faculty members, graduate students, and field personnel to discuss research, issues, and policies in the field of teacher education.

The current enactment of the Centre’s mission includes the following three key functions:

  • Public Portal: The Centre provides the public portal for teacher education research and professional development initiatives at UBC
  • Research Initiatives: The Centre supports teacher education research initiatives (local, national and international)
  • Professional Development Initiatives: The Centre facilitates professional learning opportunities for local, national, and international teachers